what is DDA checking debit funds via 1LLG?

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Answered: Is it worth applying for debit card in UAE?

Hi, If you are going to live in the UAE then I would say yes definitely apply for a debit card. I lived there and used mine all the time. Most of the shops in shopping malls will accept this type of card. For more info on banking in the UAE check out http://www.yourabudhabiguide.com/banks-in-uae ...

Answered: If you already have a debit card at your bank, is ...

If you open an account at another bank then that also issue a debit card to you for any kind of money withdrawal or purchasing. You can get visa debit card or debit mastercard

Answered: How difficult is it to get US lawsuit funding?

Lawsuit Funding depends upon the strength of your case. For instance if you have a good case that will get settled chances are you will get approved for funding. If you have a bad case chances are a company won't provide the advance. Car accidents and cases that are already settled are typically ...

Answered: I went grocery shopping today and when I checked ...

No sweat, Beth.....many debit cards are often run as 'credit' to make money for the bank. But it is still just a debit card. It's just way the system is these days....

Answered: How to Repair Your Credit and get secured debit ...

It’s a widespread myth that filing bankruptcy will ruin your credit forever. While it’s true that bankruptcy does some serious damage to your credit score, with the right steps you can get new credit again. Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years and on record with the bankruptcy ...

Answered: How much money do you need to start a trust fund?

Explain which is better a trust fund or a will to leave assets to a surviving spouse.
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Idenitification of credit and debit card numbers

Dear Ambrish the number of the card will not tell you whether the card is debit or credit but you will be able to tell from the card itself. Debit card will say debit on them. The card will also have a 4 digit code at the begining which is unique to that type of card. I hope that helps

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