what is cr4 spinal injury?

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Answered: Personal injury lawyer

There are lots of lawyers around but it's hard to find one that is really reliable. Here's one I can say I can rely on for my legal supports http://www.floridafederaldefenseattorney.com

Answered: What is the max i can sue for in federal court on personal injury in st

There have been multi-million dollar lawsuits filed. If you are totally disabled from an injury you might be in that category, counting lost wages and future medical expenses. An attorney can tell you if there are limits on awards for pain and suffering, or what kind of awards are possible.

Answered: Can multiple back injuries result from a work related injury

Can an injury result from an injury? An injury is an injury.

Answered: Fatal spinal cord injury

At any level but particularly above C3

Answered: What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis occurs in the neck (cervical stenosis) or in the lower back (lumbar stenosis). In spinal stenosis, the nerves within the spine are compressed. In lumbar stenosis, the symptoms are usually leg pain or sciatica. Cervical stenosis can be much more dangerous, since the spinal cord ...
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The pain and oxycontin -- is this all they can do?

If it is a spinal fracture, I guess you really have to see a neuro-surgeon. Otherwise, if you are avoiding surgery, then try paying a visit to a chiropractor. See what he has to say.

Do you know anything about spinal injuries or ...

A spinal cord injury is weird, it is a different kind of injury and does not always include paralysis as you think of it, it includes the central branch of nerves affecting your body and causes different sensations, I have numbness in 3 of my outer toes, sometimes numbness in different parts of my ...

Can one file a medical malpractice law suit after injuries sustained in

Normal Malpractice Rules Apply to ER Doctors and Nurses The protections provided to first responders do not extend to emergency room personnel. Standard medical malpractice rules apply to doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel working in the emergency room. As in other medical malpractice ...