what is cpt parenthetical notes?

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Answered: CPT for marriage counseling?

For marriage councelling code CPT 90847, this CPt is billed as family therapy only you would use the partner relational problem (V61.10) as your primary diagnosis. It won't get covered by insurance anywhere, so make sure it is TRUE marriage counseling and that the provider isn't actually doing ...

Answered: What is the medical necessity in terms of the ICD-9 CM and CPT coding

Icd and cpt coding are generally updated every year.Its use is specifically for insurance companies (all of them) to proccess billing paymenty for the medical providers.Some companies require a match of the icd code (name of illness) with the procedure code (cpt).If they do not match the provider ...

Answered: Help!!, What Do Musical notes A, B & C look like?

Remember: every good boy does fine and face. A is the second space from the bottom and C is the thired one. B is the line inbetween! "Three blind mice would go C,B,A. Start from there.

Answered: Lost notes

Do you have anything written (or recorded, if you used mechanical preservation also) in your notes from that time which will back up the reason as to why you did not take copious notes? If so, I'd hunt it down and hang onto it!

Answered: CPT Code-social history: What is the cpt code for ...

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