What is considered "leaving the scene" of an accident?

What is considered "leaving the scene" of an accident?

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Answered: Leaving the sceneof accident in ca

Uncle Frank had a friend that use to type under the influsement of drugs. Got up to 683 wpm. Set the typewriter on fire. Dislocated his thumb. We pasted some of the manuscript into Google translate and it could not identify the language. So sad.

Answered: Last night I my friend had a car accident and she ...

I don't know the laws about that, however you might want to get a police report in case the other driver were able to get your tags and sue you. There are also many schemes to defraud insurance companies.

Answered: What violations did this driver commit?

The state will usually only press charges if they think they will win. If the person driving the van did not know there was a body on his roof a jury would probably not find him guilty, so the prosecutor would not charge him knowing that he will likely walk away free.

Answered: Bus accident

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