what is comrade in crime?

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Answered: Crimes reported

Ask the local police department (Community Relations).They're usually required to tell you the crime history of a place - under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). If you're wondering if you should move in there, also ask various tenants who've lived there awhile. And scope out the situation by ...

Answered: Corporate crimes

They are called Victimless! Like in AIG!! There3 is no body damage? Just your wallet , house, and doggy if you have one.

Answered: Definition of a Crime Scene

A crime scene is a location where a crime taken place and from which investigation personnel retrieve the physical evidence for review, sometimes by forensic scientists in some situations. Now, you can get a thrill from mystery crime scene novels, games, parties, and movies yourself. Be a part of ...

Answered: Need crime case advocates

Interesting question, I dont have the fogest notion on that one, But I woulkd be interested to know also for the east cost New Jersey easoeciaky,,

Answered: Crime

Linda, I recommend contacting the neighborhood on their official website to find out this information.
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Checking a crime reference number

I would suggest contacting your local police station and quoting the number to see if they can help. They may not be bale to give you an answer over the phone or by e-mail, but if you go down to the station with photo ID, they should be able to help you.

CCTV & Crime

yes, CCTV helps the chandigarh police to caught the thieves where i live.

Can a felon have his property searched after he is convicted of the crime

Yes, and yes. Perhaps you are already serving time for violations. When you are on parole or probation they can come to your home when they want without notice, if they remove items that you know that should not have been in your possesion, YOUR VIOLATED, and back to prison you go. If this is your ...

Obama's legacy.

Steam cleaning always works to remove campaign stickers that democrat vandals paste all over your car and your home. Also, when Democrat goon squads post campaign propaganda in your lawn and give you that Kenyan Mafia glare to leave it or die, you have the right to call the police, burn the ...