what is cliff levingston doing now?

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Answered: Cliff Stewart playing Aba Daba Honeymoon (also Abba Dabba Honeymoon)

Where did you go severed2009? You posted harassing comments on about 5 answers in a row of mine... I thought you wanted to play the harassing game again tonight? Bring it you jackass....

Answered: What is the financial cliff?

The cliff is the tax increases and budget reductions that will hit in 2013. The Bush tax cuts were extended, but the extension is over at the end of 2012. And because Congress couldn't agree, there will be across the board budget cuts.

Answered: Suicide in nature

Good answers , thank you !

Answered: Why did Pocahantas's hair never get tangled when ...

It's just the wonderful world of Disney! Anything is possible!
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What will be cut if we go off the fiscal cliff?

With the high unemployment won't be as many people effected by the tax increase. Next!

What are the bonanza books by cliff farrell

Amazon.com: Hardcover - Charles Farrell: Books

Do Republicans know they will be blamed for the problems the fiscal cliff

If the President can't build bridges and come to compromises that both parties can agree to in order to avoid financial disaster, it will be his fault and his fault alone. The buck stops in the Oval Office. To blame Republicans if the DEMOCRAT President can't do his job is absurd.