what is chemo hormonal antineopl?

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Answered: Are bio identical hormones made of the same ingredients as

bio- identical are obtained from plants while the traditional estrogen is from the urine of horses.

Answered: Male to female hormones

Some argue that hormonal therapy does not truly masculinize or feminize, the question is one of definitions. If by masculinize and feminize one means to completely reproduce the male or female biological state, that cannot be done with current medical or surgical therapy. However, the goal of HRT ...

Answered: How are hormone levels in the blood regulated

The glucose continues to circulate in the blood. http://www.hghchannel.com/

Answered: What exactly are the specific roles that hormones play in the development

Hormonal regulation largely affects the rate of depression in women. Estrogen depletion, also known as menopausal symptoms, illustrates increased depressive rates and vasomotor instability (hot flashes). http://www.hghchannel.com/

Answered: Chemo prolonged side effects.

Chemotherapy side effects also depends on type of drugs used, dose of chemotherapy, how patient body reacts on them etc. Hair Loss Change in weight loss Voumiting and nausea are the common side effects. If need more info about chemo side effects visit http://www.ecancerchemotherapy.com ...

Answered: Do our hormones cause migranes?

Many factors contribute to headaches for both men and women, including family history and age. Women, however, often notice a relationship between headaches and hormonal changes. http://www.hghinformation.net/
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Do hormones affect acne?

NO. However, Satanic hormones did affect The Esteemed Reverend Cooper. SEE COMMENT.

Do I have Hormonal Inbalance with to much estrogen or with a lack of

you must go to a doctor that works with bio identicals.he will check it.even if you need some estrogen it must be protected by giving progesterone.

Where can I get or chemo or radiation for my dog for adenocarcinoma if

if the diagnosing veterinarian does not administer chemo, they should be able to refer you to a dr. who does. if not, try the nearest medium to large city, and/or the nearest univerisity with a veterinary/animal sciences program. a quick search shows me an animal hospital called greenfield animal ...

What is the latest info on hormones?

what type of info you want to know. click here for more info: http://www.gethgh.org/