what is chaz bono doing these days?

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Answered: Did you see the documentary Becoming Chaz?

the worst part is i’ve watched him in other interviews and that is something he does consistently. look, i don’t care that’s the way he is, but i don’t want other people to assume all trans men are like him, which they will

Answered: What day of the week is it ?

And ruin his week-end?

Answered: Today was Veterans' Day. Welcome home!

ROCMIKE HAS SPENT ANOTHER LONELY HOLIDAY POSTING PORN AND WITH HIS ALIASES.-------------------------------------------------Our resident mental patient has been posting hours and hours and hours of his sick disturbing porn. He has spent Christmas Eve with his aliases. He has posted under Renner the ...

Answered: How can I find a pro bono lawyer for court apperence dealing with debit

That might not be so easy to do, not many lawyers do free defense of debts claims free. But call the local bar association and local legal aid clinic in Oakland or San Fran and see if they can tell you who might do that. Rob

Answered: Please help find a pro bono lawyer over my sons death

Sorry to hear about your son, call the bar association and they should be able to direct you , do it quickly though i see your question is 11 months old. Good luck!!

Answered: Cuban day parade

Cuban day parade? There is one in Key West, Florida, on 5 May annually, but they seldom have a parade permit. Usually they filter through the streets unnoticed and spread around Cuban Pesos -- or close replicas thereof. Cuban Pesos are worth about .0003 USD. It costs more to mint these aluminum ...
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