what is chad ochocinco doing now?

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Answered: Ochocinco an Atlanta Falcon?

I think I would give the man a chance.

Answered: Should Ochocinco switch professions?

I heard he wants to play soccer."Jack of all trades ,master of none."

Answered: Terrell Owens & Chad Ochocinco

Last game: Sep 12, New England Patriots 38 - Cincinnati Bengals 24 They better beat Baltimore or it's going too be a rough season

Answered: Does South African need Visa for Chad

Yes, you are required to have a visa. In addition, if you are traveling on a business visa, you are required to have a letter from this company describing the purpose of the trip. Be advised that the visa issued is valid for one month but you can extend your stay in Chad once you are in the country ...

Answered: How do the money look is there any money with a man with a crown around

This is what the Chad currency looks like. http://www.atsnotes.com/catalog/chad/chad-9.JPG
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