what is catholic church eponym?

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Answered: Marriage for Priests in the Catholic Church?

Pardon me for being hard and Marine-like about it, but that sounds a whole lot like THEIR business.

Answered: Can I sue the Catholic Bishop to restore might rights as a Deacon?

No you sue A Bishop in the Catholic Church as a deacon you serve at the pleasure of the Bishop and Priest of the Community.Kindly read 1 Tim .If you are a good deacon helping the community no Priest or Bishop would not want you arround. Peace & Love Owen ++

Answered: Church of Pedophiles

If you are trying to fill a job vacancy but you specifically exclude all women and any men in a normal relationship who is likely to apply?

Answered: Search are there any catholic churches in maricopa az that accept gay

Any Catholic church will accept gay people. Do you have a definition of "accept" that is different than mine?

Answered: The catholic church Because???

Organized religion should control this kind of thing to see that this does not happen if they are doing what they should do. If the top is at ease in Zion and not paying attention to the rest of the church, anything can happen and probably will--as it did. Christianity believes man is bent toward ...

Answered: Article about how roman catholic church influences us today

They infact went around the world destroying writtings of our relationship with the UFO pilots/gods. They are a dangerous criminal organazation. HUH?
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Why do catholics have to attend weekly mass?qt=q

What about the Roman Catholic religion and her daughters? I asked myself this question when I learned who the Great Whore was (See Chapter 7 ). What could possibly be so bad that a term like that is used to describe her? And didn't the "daughters" (Protestant, Methodist, Lutheran, etc ...

What is the procedure for Holy Communion in the Catholic Church? What

One should be baptised with water and by words! Preferably , also to have been Chrismated or Christened by a Bishop and have received the teachings of the apostles. This would make one a member of Christ and a Child of God, according to the Prayer Book. When all this is done one is a Catholic and ...

Catholic Church Rubrics

See here: http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0074/0074_01.asp http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0040/0040_01.asp http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0062/0062_01.asp Blessings, Reverend Cooper

Being told I am not a faithful catholic because I particeapate in RELAY

This is not a measure of your Catholicism but it is a matter of your conscience in terms of whether or not Planned Parenthood's small good can ever balance the killing of babies. 1.2 MILLION babies are killed in this country alone. Catholics beleive that killing of innocent babies is intrinsically ...