what is canning in sex?

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Answered: Canning Kohlrabi

Try this link: http://www.backwoodshome.com/advice/ajo061113.html Canning Kohlrabi is about halfway down the page

Answered: Canning question

Kosher dills aren't hard to make. I make them in five gallon lots and pack them in quarts. Start with 3" or shorter cukes, rinse well, and keep them wet while you make the brine. Ten pounds of salt, a cup of mustard seed, bay leaves, and if you like it, half a cup of red pepper flakes (more or ...

Answered: What is a good sugar substitute for canning?

there is a plant you can grow (order from McFayden) called Stevia. Much sweeter than sugar so you have to adjust. good for diabetes also.

Answered: Agate-ware canner that holds two quart canning jars

Nearly any pressure canner will hold half-gallon or gallon jars. You won't can as much in the larger jars as the larger jars take up so much more space, but there is no reason not to use them. My pressure canner holds 14 quart jars or 6 half-gallon jars. It will only process one gallon jar at a ...
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the question was funy, If you want to know how to do it, search form google.


Thanks to all for responding. I appreciate the informed replies. I guess since I will be canning a meat sauce, a pressure cooker is in order. Thanks Again, Steve


I know that you don't want to buy another canning rack, but your pints will do better on a Flat Canning Rack . A flat canning rack will hold 8 pints or 7 quarts. The pints will have a tighter fit than if you use the regular canning rack. http://www.provident-living-today.com/Boiling-Water-Canner ...