what is bondsman in 1800s?

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Answered: How do I find how much a shawl from the 1800's is worth?

Find an antique store where someone with knowledge of vintage clothes is. Ask for an appraisal.

Answered: Bible from 1800s and Albert Leighton Rawson, 1829 - 1902

I bought one today at a garage sale 34th ed. dated 1850 inscribed Phipps family Bible Burlington

Answered: Chinese workers and miners in America in the 1800's.

They were no survivors of the massacre. The site is 60 miles up river from Lewiston Idaho accessaible by foot or jet boat. Said site can be found on Goggle Earth under Chinese Massacre Cove. Nearly all the Chinese miners were men with families back home. Details of the incident were hidden and not ...

Answered: Hauntings

Yes there was - at approximately 3:00 a.m. on the morning of April 28, 1890, a young woman lost her life. However, before that, someone else also died on the tracks. They are both reputed to still be there ... Want to know more?

Answered: What were balance scales made by fairbanks company during 1800's to 1900

Fairbanks-Morse-Whitney makes a huge variety of very precise laboratory scales to those used in freight depots to weigh trucks while rolling. FM scales are the laboratory standard, able to measure 10^-8 gram and repeat the measurement infinitely. These are the scales used in pharmacies to dispense ...
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What information do I need to give to bail bondsman?

The 10% that you pay is not refunded.

What the benefits happen in the 1800s?

In the 1800s there was no government retirement plan like Social Security. Nor was there Unemployment Insurance. There were churches who might provide for widows and orphans. You had better save something for your old age, or depend on your family. Otherwise you could work, beg, or starve ...

Info on a small doll from the 1890s

Are you sure the doll is made of plastic. I will have to check, but I don't think any dolls were made of plastic that early.....I might be a hard composite of plaster and a hard vynal rubber. Any markings on the doll. Chances are the doll came for a Carnival or Midway. Any markings or a ...

Cited as cause of death in the 1800s - Momb disease? Does anyone know

Maybe momb is short for childbirth, or maybe it is womb disease such as infection after childbirth.