what is big 5s return policy?

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Answered: UCC return policy

How did this work out for you?

Answered: Soderblooms return policy I recently ordered ...

I'd call the customer service number listed on their website. Good luck!

Answered: I need to return an item Thank you Palma

You need to contact the company from which you purchased the item. AOL Answers is not that company. If you name the company, we might be able to find a contact phone or email address, but that's about all.

Answered: Does RadarSync have a return policy?

Yes, we accept returns for 30 days from the date of purchase. In order to receive your refund, please forward the receipt you received with your purchase to sales@radarsync.com . If you made your purchase through Pay Pal, please also provide us with your Pay Pal email address. Once we receive your ...

Answered: Is The Big Bang Theory stupid in that people who ...

I have always believed it to be quite goofy.

Answered: Big cat diary why don't the cats attack the people

Because big cats don't attack people just for the hell of it. They will respond to threats by attacking. They also play, as do all cats, but due to their size, play can be a little rough on a person. They will also protect their family. Big cats are essentially no different than housecats. Just ...
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