what is better human hair wigs or synthetic?

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Answered: Looking for quality human hair wigs in the Seattle area.

Hi, To have the highest quality wigs you will need to go to Wiggin Out in CA. They definitely have the best wigs and most high quality wigs around. I actually had a custom wig made from Wiggin Out in Newport Beach, CA. I did everything over the phone. They sent me the actual hair they were going ...

Answered: Is there any database for human hair product like ...

They have just brought out the new Mk4 model, go for that. It has dual voltage so she can use it anywhere in the world and it also has a timer that allows it to turn itself off if left on by accident. I have medium length hair and I have the narrower ones as well as the wide ones, although I use ...

Answered: Do You Wear Wigs?

I am wearing it long time ago,I feel it is comfortable.

Answered: Hair Salon

For hair extensions I would recommend you to The Gallery Hair Salon in Ewell, Surrey. As they have specialist for hair extensions that will give proper guidance regarding hair extensions.

Answered: Where can I buy synthetic hair glosser

I buy my synthetic hair from www.buyhair.co.uk and its really glossy, but cheap :) hope this helps Michaela x
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Perm a wig

My advice would be to talk to a professional who is experienced with and understands the process of perming wigs. I've heard that most human hair wigs can be chemically permed, and that the darker colors work best. I think that the hair in light colored wigs has been bleached, so it might be risky ...

Is there any other alternative or home remedies for washing synthetic

no, the best hair is real human hair. synthetic hair never work. http://extensionsnyc.com http://rodolfovalentin.net/hairextensions.html

Get Rid of Wig with Hair Loss Treatment

You can now check over the Internet to learn how to reduce hair fall naturally. There are different types of remedies available that include naturopathy and even Ayurvedic that help natural restoration http://www.drbatras.com/en/Hair-loss/self-hair-care.aspx

synthetic motor oil dry out v.cover gaskets

In the early days of synthetic oils there was a problem of seals shrinking but the formulation was adjusted to give the same swelling as non-synthetic oils. I doubt the problem still exists.