What is best mulching with hardwood mulch or pine needles?

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Answered: Mulch

Get an inexpensive mulch and apply black mulch dye to it.

Answered: Mulch dye

#1 Mulch Dye for homeowners on the market.

Answered: What can I use instead of Cocoa mulch? I love it ...

There are all kinds of wood chips for your kind of use. Go to Home Depot or some place like that, and see what they have to offer you that is pet safe. The chips come in so many colors, sizes and smells that you should be able to find one that suits your needs.

Answered: Laying hardwood flooring in different rooms and halls

Select hardwood according to the need of the area where it is going to be installed. Every room and location has need for different textured wood and flooring. Follow the basics and then get your floor done. You can also go for dedicated fitters like superior-hardwoods.com for proper and long ...

Answered: How do I protect my pine floors from chair marks

I think you should be able to get coasters to put the chair legs on. They have carpet on the bottoms so they don't damage the floors.

Answered: Maintaining mulch

What you definitely have to do is break up solidified mulch which occurs over a season. It is very bad for the garden. It is best to mulch lightly so this doesn't happen so much. Putting down new mulch is something we do annually to enhance the gardens. Old mulch will rot and enrich soil.
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Is there creosote in pine mulch?

The only thing about using the chips from the pine trees is the diseases they have in them. If you look at the trunk of the trees, they usually have places where the bark looks like someone bored little holes in it, that is usually from the beetles boring in and eating the sap out of the trees ...


the simple answer is YES! No matter what part of the country you live in (i'm in Georgia), mulching is always better than not mulching. It keeps roots cool in summer and protects plants in winter. It also keeps soil from drying out and helps to protect plants from some soil-bourne diseases. in ...


I did not know the answer to this and so I looked it up and the answer is yes leylandi can safely be used as a mulch. If you are using the bark in the form of chips as a ground cover it will take a couple of years to decompose into a mulch. Shredded leylandi will decompose just as any mulch will do ...

Gardenpro.usa different color & different compost of your hardwood

I personally don't like hardwood mulch, especially the colored kind. It looks fake as well as robbing the soil of nitrogen as it decomposes. Try pine straw.