what is Berengaria of Navarre IQ?

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Answered: I have a 112 iq is that good

Yes that is above average, can I ask what IQ test you took the only accurate one is this one

Answered: How can I get my IQ rating?

Try this out it is free :) http://bit.ly/bg6oMN

Answered: Who has the more powerful IQ power Male or Female.

Men nor woman, it absolutely does not matter! One does not have a higher IQ than the other. It totally depends on the person. There are geniuses that are both men and women. While some {People} may be more inclined to be more unintelligent than others and some {People} may be more inclined to be ...

Answered: High IQ what is a normial score for a 8 year old boy

100 is always average but can I ask were you tested them, the only accurate test is this one

Answered: Instead of the indiscriminately forced-aborting one-child Policy, why can

Just as an FYI, something similar to this was tried by a group headed up by Adolph Hitler and his band of merry men. Hitler committed suicide when he discovered a very large segment of the world population disagreed with him. A number of the merry men were tried and convicted of crimes against ...

Answered: I find it interesting to consider the factors that ...

I agree with you. Not only second hand books, but libraries too. Most important I think is your second point-children need to be loved and nurtured-and that doesn't cost a penny.
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Do Conservatives Have Lower I.Q.?

I will gladly admit that virtually the entire supply of racists in America are Democrats. That is why they elected a surly and vindictive racist named Obama, and that is why these duplicitous frauds always accuse non-racists of racism -- because racist Democrats really are that corrupt and ...

I took a Kids Online IQ Test and the results were ...

IQ of 90 (one point more) would be in the "Average" category. You are a long way from imbecile (26-50) or moron (50-70). You might try a Mensa test. There's a Mensa Workout to try your skill on.

How can an IQ test be taken free without having to get the results sent

Nearly all of them charge your cell phone, but I got angry and complained so they gave me a special link. I think it is unfair for them to charge.. anyway here is the link to the free one http://bit.ly/bg6oMN

Free IQ test, no cell phone

By not doing them or stop being jerks and finally giving us the stupid awsers