what is being built on Perkins Road in Port Hueneme CA?

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Answered: What is the address for the Cultural center in Port Hueneme...It is


Answered: Road Safety Rules

Not for long drive

Answered: S'port gun law

Tobin Carter is another Rocmike alias.

Answered: Com Ports 1,2,3,4. availablity

Unless you're using a very oldschool Palm on an oldschool computer (e. g. a Palm III on a 486 or early Pentium machine), you won't have to use the com-ports. Use the provided USB cable instead to sync your palm. It's much faster and much less of a hassle in terms on conflicts with other old ...

Answered: A.Carl ca.1970 glass engraver

It is nice machine and also some how effective on the glasses. I used the glass laser engraving machine at the needham-laser in UK.
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