what is being built nw of hillside and soncy in amarillo?

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Answered: Difference b/w built up area and plinth area

PLINTH AREA - It is the area upon which a structure rests. CARPET AREA - is the area which we use i.e. usable area SUPER BUILT UP AREA - it includes BUA (Built up area) plus passages, stairs etc. Here BUA is usable area plus thickness of inner & outer walls.

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Yes it sounds like it is still settling. It doesn't seem like anything to be too concerned about. Schumacher Homes

Answered: Someone who built a magnet generator

It would be good if you formed your statement in the form of a question.

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candle holder is nice. you might find ideas at http://www.jafgifts.com/Candlestick-Holders_76.html

Answered: Who built ancient Babylon in the bible?

Hey, I'm on the roll, all right. It's just that--hmmm--info about stuff like this isn't really difficult to find. So if I'm acting like a grouchy old smartazz, that's why. Nice to see you back here, BTW.
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