what is being built near the Angel stadium in Anaheim Ca?

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Answered: Accommodation Near Disneyland Anaheim, CA?

Well, One place I must suggest you that is Fairfield Inn Placentia . It is just 5 miles away from disneyland.

Answered: Ca flag red stripe

The California flag has a red stripe at the bottom.

Answered: Can you park on packer ave. near citizen bank park

You can park on packer near C B park if you pay the parking meter to park there.

Answered: Is he alive? Check Santa Cruz, Ca County for tax filing

I checked some people search sites. There is no listing for Herlie Peterson in the US. There are some listings for Harley Peterson.
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That's the abbreviation for the state of California.

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Are there any attractions near the stadium?

Check out insiderpages.com to find some near the stadium.