What is Barry's last name from beyond scared straight?

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Answered: Steer names

Hot Stuff. Global Warming.

Answered: How do i get my bad teen into the scared straight program

Scared Straight works a treat on nasty kids that think they got what it takes to make it as criminals. They spend a day like fresh meat in a prison and listen to the inners tell why they got put in slam and then they think it over real good. There's a few real misfits that don't want judges to use ...

Answered: My son gave me his straighttalk phone,I want to change it to my name and

take it to your phone provider they will take care of it at O cost, if not change your carrier.

Answered: Scared of losing weight

Eat well, exercise regularly

Answered: How do I acquire my screen name from the master owner of the account?

You can't have a secondary screen name become separate. AOL used to offer Spin Off Screen Name for children becoming adult, or spouses divorcing. But they don't offer it any more. The best you can do is establish your own new screen name, and on the original screen name set an Away Message to ...

Answered: What prison holds barry behrle? Age 43. Birthdate 12-7-65.

Go to Google. Type in corrections connection (lower case letters) if he is in the US. It would be helpful if you know the state, otherwise you will have to search state by state. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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Did the Governement waste 30 million dollars in their stupid trial of

I don't admire Barry Bonds very much, but the Feds really have no business wasting taxpayers money on minor stuff like this.

Where can I purchase Scared Straight the 1970 orginal version?

Best Buy shows it available online (www.bestbuy.com ) for $19.99. Yes, it's the 1970's original. If you don't want to purchase online (or don't have a credit card), call your local Best Buy store and see if they have it in store. If not, perhaps they can order it for you.