what is Arthur on the cartoons?

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Answered: Who was Canaidian cartoon character Hooey McManus ?


Answered: Is it bad for adults over the age of 18 to watch only cartoons?

It all depends. If they watch constantly, it might be bad. If they watch reasonable amounts, I can't see anything wrong. I love cartoons, but a constant diet of anything is bad for you.

Answered: What is the name of the 1960's cartoon about twisted fairytales

Fractured Fairytales is absolutely correct. Here's one.

Answered: Is 20 too old for cartoons

I'm with Bonestructure and OranD. I love cartoons! many of them. and I'm 73! I also like SNL and some situation comedy and a few comedians who appear on the comedy channel. Anonymous Question, we are never too old to do or like anything. We are human beings all of our lives...birth to ...

Answered: Arthur ?

Arthur Court is the designer you are looking for.
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