what is Arthur on the cartoons?

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Answered: ¿Are there any cartoon movie like cat woman or wonder woman?

I don't know of any cat woman cartoons, but try Japanese anime. Sailor moon, Bubblegum Crisis, Cutie Honey and many more. Women with powers are super popular in anime.

Answered: Who was Canaidian cartoon character Hooey McManus ?


Answered: Is it bad for adults over the age of 18 to watch only cartoons?

It all depends. If they watch constantly, it might be bad. If they watch reasonable amounts, I can't see anything wrong. I love cartoons, but a constant diet of anything is bad for you.

Answered: Missing Episodes

And I expect someone with even a 2nd grade education to be able to ask a question. So when you reach 2nd grade, come back and give it another try.
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I'm with Bonestructure and OranD. I love cartoons! many of them. and I'm 73! I also like SNL and some situation comedy and a few comedians who appear on the comedy channel. Anonymous Question, we are never too old to do or like anything. We are human beings all of our lives...birth to ...