what is aol emergency connect utility?

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Answered: AOL connectivity...

Hi there: So I can better assist you, could you please provide me with additional information? 1. What type of connection are you using? (Dial-up, broadband, etc.) 2. Are you using the AOL Desktop software or AOL Webmail? Thank you.

Answered: AOL can not connect

Hi Holly: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How to start a chat room

Answered: I cannot get connected to my bank. Google and Explore work OK. What's

Just do a search for your bank using AOL. After you find it and save it to your Favorites you shouldn't have any more problems. To me their has always been a conflict of using an AOL address on Internet Explorer. Vicea Versa I guess.
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Thank you for your question. Please refer to the article below for information about obtaining the AOL Desktop Software. Obtain the AOL Desktop Software

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So I can better assist you, could you explain to me in detail as to what isn't working? What version of the AOL Software are you using? Are you receiving an error message, and if so, what is it? Thank you for the additional feedback.