What is another phrase for "is there anyone else here"?

What is another phrase for "is there anyone else here"?

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Answered: Language/meaning

I think the language is Yoruba, from Nigeria. There's a movie Omo Aiye.

Answered: What is the phrase or motto something like


Answered: What does the phrase, hurts like hell mean? I am ...

"like hell" means very much. with great intensity, etc. "Hurts like hell", then, means "hurts very much".

Answered: Where did the phrase crack of dawn come from?

Hi Jtull, http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060612203034AAXa7nr Here's a link that might help you with your question. When you click on the link, scroll down toward the end of the page, where there you will see an answer by someone named, B. This is part of what B. had to say. "Took ...
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It was a movie. Some college kids in a car hit a man...tyhought he was dead. They were recieving phone calls with the phrase I know what you did last simmer.

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I think someone was spelling out an email address ajkkjai@aol