what is and what will never be/chords?

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Answered: Chords (minors)

Basically write out every note in the scale (doh-doh) and it will be I(major) ii (minor) iii IV V vi vii*(diminished) so for example take G- G-Am-Bm-C-D-Em-F#*(diminished not very widespread except in classical music, etc.)

Answered: Guitar music Is a Gmaj7/B the same chord as Gmaj7flat5?

Gmaj7/5 is a Gmaj7th chord, but you're playing B as the bass note. The notes of a Gmaj7 chord are: G, B, D, F# The nothes of a Gmaj7-5 are: G,B,D (flat), F#

Answered: How do i master chords on my guitar?

I know this sounds redundant but the only way to master the guitar is Practice and more practice. first chords than scales.

Answered: Can anybody translate chords from guitar to piano ...

You can do it yourself! There is a good free program available on sourceforge.net which I have used for a while... Scale & Chord Generator This program allows you to select the guitar chord and then switch between staff (sheet music), piano, or bass - and back again. http://sourceforge.net ...

Answered: Where can you find music sheets and chords for ...


Answered: Celtic Thunder, Bird Without Wings guitar chords

Quite simple. It's basically: A / E / D / A / E
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These other posts are right, but here are a couple of other thoughts. When you see "C/G" or "D/F#", etc. it is spoken C over G and D over F#, with the note to the right of the slash the lowest note in the chord, and that lowest note doesn't have to be on the low "E" string or the "A" string, but ...


Due to copyright issues, this song is not yet available in other than the consumer CD format. It will not be difficult to work out the score but I must note that I am the nastiest person who ever had an attitude problem about those suicidal enough to tread on my copyrights. I'm sure Julio Iglesias ...

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It looks rather busy for Tom Petty. I would guess that it's too melodic for Dylan. You know, I don't have clue. Are you going to tell us?

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