what is an upended headrail in shades?

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Answered: Do bamboo Roman shades blend with drapes and ...

Why not put roman shades in both places for a complete look? They work quite well with a curtain surround.

Answered: Problem with outdoor roller shades?

I have outdoor roll up shades and I love them! I happen to prefer the kind that you manually raise and lower. They were much less expensive and they glide so easily that it takes almost no effort.

Answered: Where in pa is shade gap

Is this what you're looking for? Map of Shade Gap, Pennsylvania by MapQuest www.mapquest.com/maps

Answered: Shade Trees

Another option may be the use of a Shade Sail . They can be very economical and an alternative option to tree shade.

Answered: How do you recover chandalier light shades

Send them to me and I will recover them. I have pics of ones I have done.

Answered: I need to know how to make a roman shade

Visit Window Blinds Project and find out how to make roman shades and many other things related to window treatments and home decorating.
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thank you so much. I just sent them an email. wish me luck. janet

Puckered cloth roller shades

I am not sure of a place in Chicago, but Backyardcity (an online company) sells rollup shades and shade cloth . Both sound like they might be exactly what you are looking for.

Gone with the wind lamp shades where to find replacements, need not be

www.culversantiques.com they specialize in restoring and selling antique lamps. they also sell parts for these lamps.