what is an inverted urethra in a woman?

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Answered: My husband is 34yrs old n he iz been suffering from stricture urethra can

After repair of stricture some men can produce a good quality sperm and others not. The only way of knowing for sure is for him to have a sperm count test done. or a testicular biopsy done. Depending on the cause of the stricture - get yourself checked out first that you do not also have the ...

Answered: Womans body found in wichita feb.11, 2014

Don't be silly, Frankie. She's having an OBE. Madam Z

Answered: Which style of bra the woman who had married desire?

Whether you prefer seductive quarter cup bras, shelf bras or soft bras, they can all be sexy bras when you find the perfect-fitting one. A great bra makes all different. HUSTLER bras look fabulously good and make you feel superior comfortable and excellent support. HustlerLingerie.com offers well ...

Answered: I want to install an 750 watt inverter on my boat ...

Quick response to question and gave me what I needed to complete the project. Thanks

Answered: Extent of danger of electromagnetic radiation from PV panels and

I research your question and according to wikipedia: "In some analysis, if the energy input to produce it is higher than the output it produces it can be considered environmentally more harmful than beneficial. Also, placement of photovoltaics affects the environment. If they are located where ...

Answered: When a man cares/loves a woman?

Do you remember the old saying: "Actions speak louder than words" ? His actions say that he does not really mean what he is saying. If he really loved you he would do anything to be with you. Sorry, if my words hurt you.
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GIVE IT A BREAK-----Our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster has started posting at 1 PM est under his alias Bill J. He has posted several stalking questions under Lenore, Tadpole and anonymous. He also has posted numerous cartoons. It appears he is in for another long day ...

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I don't exactly understand what you are looking forward regarding hernia. Yes, it is mandatory. For treatment of Hernia, surgery is the only remedy. There was never, there isn't, and there may not be in future any treatment for Hernia other than surgical operation. Delay in operation can result ...

What is the urethra

This is the tube that you pee in your genital organ connecting it to your bladder. Guys have a bladder 4 times bigger than girls that it's why they don't need to pee as much girls do. Also girls have a 3 to 4 centimeters urethra long when guys have as big their penis is so girls are more exposed to ...