what is an example of alliteration in the westing game?

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Answered: Is it have games there?

AOL has games at menu Services, Games. It will send you to www.games.com

Answered: Is Internal Alliteration The Same As Consonance In Poetry?

Consonance is usually where the last consonant or letter of a word is epeated in a series of words. Alliteration is where the first consonant is repeated, but I am not sure what internal alliteration means.

Answered: Aol games

with fear and trepidation. Ask yourself. "What good can come of this?" Then ask yoursef, "What bad can come of this?"

Answered: Video game

This may help you: http://www.eautcoins.com

Answered: Discuss with practical examples how linquistics ...

No thank you. We will pass on this opportunity.

Answered: Aol games

If you had a question, you must have forgotten to ask it. Therefore no one here can help you because we are not psychic, except Madame Z but I think she's on the sauce.
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