what is an ETR in special education?

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Answered: US Navy race relations education specialists I am ...

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Answered: Special Education and the Full-Inclusion Debacle!

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Answered: Is there a time limit on how long a special ed ...

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Answered: How many special education credits do i need to ...

The number of special education credits will vary by state and in some cases by district. I required AP. 20 special education credits. This is prior to certification testing. It would be great to add new teachers in our field. Good luck with your efforts.

Answered: Wrentham,Ma. Drivers education inability to pay, How can my son

He doesn't need drivers ed. to get his license. All the Mass. driving laws and regulations are available online and if you have a vehicle he can practice in an empty parking lot with you or another adult family member.

Answered: Individuals with disabilities educational act AND written waiver of

Contact the child's special education teacher and ask for any forms you might need. If you do not get what you ask for within 2 weeks, then contact the principal for that building. If you still do not get results contact the Superintendt for your district. You may also contact your state's ...
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A child's education starts the second s/he is born....no...actually...prior to birth. Anyway, my point is: What ever you have been exposing the child to since his birth has been educating him. Most parents with a healthy child will start teaching letters and numbers before a child can walk and ...

Special Education Rights

depending on the state you live in will not depend on whether he is given or denied an education especially if he is IEP. if you get no where in your town, county or state check federal laws. i believe that school district is responsible for his education until he is 21

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