what is an atypical EKG?

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Answered: How do nurses aids do an ekg

I could be wrong but from my understanding the nurse would do the entire proceedure. This type of test is very easy to do. Its a simple ultasound. Therefore, i believe that the nurse would do the whole thing. The doctor would have to read the results and examine the outcome though. I hope this ...

Answered: Mammograms after diagnosis of atypical ductal hyperplasia

I would leave that up to your Doctor. You can even talk to the technician and talk to the radiologist. Most of the times they are there during a mammogram. You could make your next appointment keeping that in mind. You could ask when appointment made to have the radiologist save some time to ...

Answered: Where can I learn to do EKG's in the Port Charlotte, Fl. area?

Nanci, I work in at a hospital in Illinois and they train EKG Techs on the job. I would suggest looking at your local hospital for a job in that area. Where I work EKG Techs are hired under the heading of Cardiology.

Answered: A-V Dissociation vs Complete (3rd Degree) A-V Heart Block

3rd degree block and dissociation are separated based on if the atria or the ventricles are firing faster than the other. If the atria is firing faster then the ventricles (more P waves then QRS complexes) it is called complete heart block. If the ventricles are firing faster then the atria (more ...

Answered: Question is related in prepation to perform EKG

Abrase is not a word in the dictionary; unless you could use abrasive which describes a wearing down. Abrade: To wear down or rub away by friction; erode.
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Why is an eclectrocardiogram called an EKG?

It is the Germen (or latine) abriviations. I am not fluent in the Germen language but I believe it is: Elektro Kardio Gram. If you take the English abriviation it will be ECG

What does it mean when your EKG is dangerously high?

An EKG is a tracing of electrical signals, but it's not a measurement. It might show a rapid pulse, as in tachycardia or atrial fibrillation. Or your blood pressure might be too high (hypertension), but that's not on an EKG.

What happens to EKG when a pt has hyper vs hypo potassium?

HyperKalemia - or high potassium - will reveal peaked T waves on an EKG. Suspect this when the clinical setting fits - renal failure, potassium sparing diuretics or even volume depletion in certain circumstances. HypoKalemia will show U waves or ST depression. Suspect this when there are ...

Ekg & pawp

http://allnurses.com/ccu-nursing-forum/pawp-readings-3402-page2.html There was a whole lot of technical stuff in this answer. There appeared to be a problem with prolonged wedgies. I hope this will answer your question for you. Jay