what is an assay of ph body fluids nos?

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Answered: Do body fluids double the size of a mattress?

No they don't. Unless you start excreting body fluids like rainfall. Even if the mattress absorbs fluid, it will not expand that much. It will only get heavier. Some mattresses, especially memory foam and latex mattresses, have open pores which allow them to soak up on fluid easily than any other ...

Answered: Nicole 626 623 2846 body rub

Is this an advertisement for a product or a service?

Answered: Verizon Corporate ph number

Customer service numbers http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/contact/index.jsp Executive (no phone given but you can email) http://aboutus.verizonwireless.com/leadership/executive/profiles/Marni_Walden.html

Answered: HIV has been found in saliva, tears, urine and ...

Body fluids such as Vaginal secretions and semen contain the HIV virus in a person who's infected. The other body fluids you mentioned are also possible points of infection.

Answered: Womans body found in wichita feb.11, 2014

Don't be silly, Frankie. She's having an OBE. Madam Z

Answered: I Lived together with boy who is HIV+ for 3 months ...

Not likely at all. If you have any fears however, you should go to yuor local health departmetn for a free test. They are professional & yu can trust the results
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