What is an aortic ulcer?

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Answered: Definition of postpartum aortic dissection

Postpartum means after giving birth. Aortic dissection means your main artery is coming apart. That is very serious. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aortic_dissection

Answered: I have a giant stomach ulcer and I was kicked in the stomach could that

Hi I got your question from Yedda but I think it made a mistake referring me to you to answer your question. IF your ulcer is inside stomach then you need to see a doc right away as it could be bleeding internally which is very dangerous! IF your ulcer is on outside and cannot heal then I would ...

Answered: My ulcer is in the veins in my leg.

Thank you for the info I go back to the doctor today.

Answered: Ulcers and what foods are safe to eat?

Try to avoid citrus fruits, tomatoes and fatty foods. Dairy begin as base foods, but become acidic in your stimach, so it might be better to consume in moderation too.

Answered: Remicade for ulcerative colitis

peggyftw Agree with KatieDidIt ... be certain that your physician knows about any unusual symptoms (possible side effects). BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE. Ask about alternative medications and maintain a well balanced diet -- if you weren't given a diet or prognosis ASK! Have a written ...

Answered: Anything you can do for a stomach ulcer?

Go to a doctor. He/she can prescribe you a medication that will help alleviate the discomfort. Feel better soon.
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Anyone have ulcers?

While I personally do not suffer from ulcers, I found a great article about Safe Pain Relief for Ulcers . I hope it is helpful.

Mouth ulcers... sign of pregnancy! really!

hi i think im due on this weekend but not to sure but i have ulcers in my mouth i feel run down and i adore chicken wraps but i had them to day and they didn't taste rite also have to many spots on my face which never happens could this be a sign of pregnancy??? please help many thanx lozzy

Skin ulcer after sclerotherapy

Great wilma nice to hear that sclerotherapy is the best treatment

I hve had Gastic Surgery, because of ulcers. What ...

If I were you, I would see a nutritionist to discuss the proper things to eat. I'm not a professional and I don't want to tell you something I'm not 100% sure about. Good luck, get well, and I hope this all works out for you.