what is alpha g and how does it cure cancer?

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Answered: Home remedy that cures small breasts?

Breasts are just fat and connective, fibrous tissue. The only way you can make them bigger is by adding more fat by gaining weight or getting more Progesterone. http://www.breastenhancementcreams.org/

Answered: Natural cancer cure

Marijuana The Forbidden Cure for Cancer. There are people out there being cured of even terminal cancer. You can make your own medicine and avoid radiation and chemo poisoning your body. The link below has a pretty good take on it with videos and even has a video how to make your cancer medicine and ...

Answered: Name of small Boston biotec which has developped a system to destroy

Noone has answered. This stock is mentioned, but the name not given unless you subscribe to that person's stock service, and I am broke! NO , noone has replied

Answered: Is This The Real Cure For Cancer and All Other Diseases?

If your entesion is to be sarcastic then why answer.No it"s not for all,but mostly 2 dozen if not more. The navy used it in 1947 to rid the sailors that painted the ship's of lead and other heavy metals,but to there surprize it also removed plaque and tartar cholesterol was never the only answer ...
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Cancer vs Asthma

First of all, let me say that I'm sorry for your lost, for I know how difficult it is to lose a part of your being such as a sibling. Although we are in the age of advanced technology, it would seem that we, especially Americans, should be able to cure any disease or illness, but unfortunately ...

Can Reese Witherspoon really help to cure Breast Cancer?

Just because Reese Whitherspoon is a celebrity, does not mean that she can be ridiculed for saying that she is making it her new goal to help cure breast cancer. She doesn't mean that she is thinks she is in a position in which she can do more than anyone else. She is only saying that she feels it ...

Natural Cure for Candidiasis

you can discover effective natural remedies for candidas in section NATURAL REMEDIES: http://www.women-health-info.com/ http://menstrual-cycle-health.blogspot.com/


The only information I found was the following: Syringoid eccrine carcinoma is an extremely rare cutaneous malignant tumor, thought to be derived from eccrine sweat apparatus. http://www.thedoctorsdoctor.com/diseases/skin_eccrine_ca.htm