What is Akim Camara doing now?

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Answered: What is the retail value of a polaroid 350 land camara

Lostluv, Probably just a few dollars on ebay. The film for the polaroid land cameras will soon stop being made, and you won't be able to use them. Anna Sparkys' Mom

Answered: Whats the interest of digital camara's in a teen girl's life?

Yani- This sounds like a sexist question to me. Most people of all ages and both sexes prefer digital. You don't need to deal with film. Pictures are easily and quickly available. Pictures are easy to modify. It is cheap. You are not required to print any shot that you don't like. You can ...

Answered: How to record footage from survellance camara to video

These shooting on the car roof erected several camera, can take 360-degree street.

Answered: What is camara lucida

The camera lucida is an optical device invented in the early 19th century. It performs an optical superimposition of the subject being viewed upon the surface upon which the artist is drawing. The artist sees both scene and drawing surface simultaneously, as in a photographic double exposure ...

Answered: How to get your surviellance camara to record?

You will have to connect it to (1) a DVR or (2) a VCR.. I use an external hard drive by usb and seperate power connection... It will show on your monitor and record on the external drive.

Answered: What is lithinm-ion battery

Lithium ion batteries (sometimes abbreviated Li-Ion) are a type of rechargeable battery commonly used in consumer electronics. They are currently one of the most popular types of battery , with one of the best energy-to-weight ratios, no memory effect and a slow loss of charge when not in use, and ...
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They're cute little cameras. My daughter uses our all the time, despite having a "real" camera. I've modified several to use on RC airplanes. I'm thinking of building an Elk Seeking Drone, but never seem to find the extra time.

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