what is a woodwind moth?

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Answered: Identification of a moth

I appreciate the answer but I couldn't see your pictures.Next time put them in folders and attatch them to your message and let me open them up.Try it again.

Answered: What kind of butterfly or moth?

Enter your area here you might find the species in your area or from where the photo was taken. http://butterflywebsite.com/atlas/index.cfm

Answered: I need to get rid of the small brown moths in my living room.

Are they what we in California know as "miller" moths? Those are the ones that get into your flour, pasta, oatmeal and similar foodstuffs. If so, then the only way to get rid of them is to find whatever it is they are using as a nursery and get rid of it. Then, to keep them from coming back, you ...

Answered: Was it an Egyptian Moth?

Thanks for the reply, but no that is not the same moth either. Maybe I can do some more research and find a picture to post. Once again, thanks.

Answered: Moth’s dust

Like butterflies, moths have tiny scales on their wings. When this comes off, it looks like dust.
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Why moths fly in to hot lights ?

Many people suggest that moths use the moon to navigate, and mistake electric lights (or fire) for the moon. There is a guy called Henry Hsiao who measured the flight patterns of moths as they flew towards light sources. he found that when the moths are further away from the light they fly straight ...

What is the best way to get rid of moths?

High pressure sodium lights and sealed screen doors are an excellent way to get rid of moths.

Why do moth balls affect only moths and do not affect other insects?

Moth balls are deadly to other insects as well, but other insects are not attracted to fabric like moths, that is why they won’t go into closets were moth balls are used to poison moth.

Moth balls!!!!!

Moth balls are toxic, its the same as spraying insecticide. They should always be in a closed container for clothes etc. You shouldn't be able to smell them.