what is a witches guardian?

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Answered: Are real witches the same as the witches in the ...

Witches are witches. They must be flogged with switches. Every neighborhood needs to have witch switchers! Those witches must all be flogged with different switches, so we have to list which witches were switched with which switches! Let's face it, they're all sons of . . . guns.

Answered: I am a non witch,is it hard to become one?

Greetings! Anybody can become a witch, just as anybody, by and large can be a practitioner of any religion. I would refer you to a book which explains what Wicca is and is not and is a good starting point, TEEN WITCH by Silver RavenWolf. She does a really good job of it. There is also Raymond ...

Answered: How can i be a teen witch?

If you are 13 and have not realized a gift, you can still be a Witch, Wiccan or both. There is so much to learn if the Craft does not run in yyour family. My advice is to start reading. I will not suggest any books, but you can find them at Barns & Noble or Borders, online and at second hand ...

Answered: Can Non-Witches Cast Spells?And If So,How?

Back in the olden days, witches were a problem in that they tried to shake down leftists for everything they had stolen. That would never do. They started switching witches. But they had to be sure that the witches were only switched with the right switches. So they had to find a way to switch ...

Answered: I have this thing on my nose called a witches horn it just hanging there

I don't know what that is but the term plastic surgery leaps to mind.

Answered: How to prove guardian ad litem is biased

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Family friends sons brought into witch craft

Can you explain what is actually happening to them? It will be easier to try and give you an answer, if I can actually understand better.

Unexplained maybe someone needs to check out burkittsville md and seneca

Rather go to Blairsville where they filmed the first Friday the 13. Oh wait, already been there. The lake and the camp too. All in New Jersey. Which I really enjoyed and has a lot more to offer the seeker of the strange than just a movie legend.

Family court . what to do to be legal guardian of my 24 years old

Such matters are governed by state law and procedure. Every state is somewhat different. Ask the family court clerk, most will help show you the forms and procedures; Or call the local Bar Association and ask for a lawyer referral.

Guardian ad litem

I'm not sure that you have to be a lawyer to be a guardian ad litem. I do know that you need a lot of training in several areas. I'd suggest you call your court house and ask this question, or ask a lawyer about it. Or just Google the question. Good Luck