what is a Waist Gaiter?

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Answered: Waist reduction

In addition to going on a diet/exercising, you should try a body wrap. Body wraps are a great way to lose inches. You can get them at the spa, or make a body wrap at home . In either case you can lose quite a few inches after only a few wraps. I've tried them and they really do work amazingly ...

Answered: I want to start runnig but ive never really done it before. does anyone


Answered: Where can I find inexpensive high waisted pants?

im not sure btu i would also suggest...u to go for JCPENNY's they are not expensive and the look is very casual. Imran http://www.myjewelersplace.com

Answered: Want to make waist slim ?

Belly fat most of the people are suffering with this problem. Some of the home remedies to lose belly fat are - Drink some lemon water with an empty stomach in the morning, practice this everyday to lose weight. - Chew 3 raw garlic cloves it will improve your blood circulation ...

Answered: When you loose weight what is the first area to get ...

I went to a nutrition advisor who recommended a good diet and of course a lot of exercise, mostly walking. I found out my wrists and face were the first to shrink. Are there any reasons for that to happen maybe this will help me understand it better?

Answered: Gearing up Jeans high waisted

Yes, it is gearing up...!!! Before, the trend is of lower jeans but it exposes a lot more. So, now high waist is gearing up and you can get it from the excel clothing.
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How does somebody take 170mg of oxy a day and not be dead? I break a 5 mg in half and I'm like a zombie for 24 hours.

Is a high skinny jeans suitable for 30+ women?

If you are not blessed with a slim body of a 20 something it would be best to find jeans that hide what you want to hide.

Does 38 (waist) x 32 (inseam) in men's pants sound big for a guy who is 5

Yes, that sounds a bit large. Sears and Kohls have 40 x 32 but 42 waist may be hard to find.

What is a panty waist?

Formerly, a child's undergarment consisting of short pants and a shirt that buttoned together at the waist.