what is a v back delivery?

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Answered: what are the side effects of epidural after delivery

Google epidural anesthesia side effect The side effects are the same regardless of the reason this method is chosen. This is the second return- www.childbirth.org/articles/sideeppi.html

Answered: Can labour and delivery be very painful?

well for me it was extreamaly painfull but all worth it because you bringing a little gift to the world =]

Answered: How to delivery from China cargo?

How to deliver cargo from China? Is that what you meant? I think your best bet is either by bicycle or yak.

Answered: Best fruit/veg delivery in New Zealand??

Do you live in New Zealand? Somehow, I don't think you do. If you want to always have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand, I suggest you plan your grocery shopping accordingly. Yes, it really is that simple.

Answered: I am 24 never had a baby I want to know what Labor and Delivery

Hi! I was 25 when I delivered my first baby. I was scared but the doctors calmed me down and explained that we are stronger and braver than we realize and it is not painful. The only pain you feel is when they give you the epidoral but if you can handle getting shots and IVs then you are good to go ...
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I am pregnant. this last ninth month scan they said that the cord is

im sorry to say, but ur baby could sufficate and die. i would suggest to have a c cection

Help in Delivery Room

Dear Sharaja, I think everyone has given you very good advice. I would just add that it would be great if you could educate yourself about the stages of labor and how your wife will behave during each one. This will allow you to be an educated participant in the event. It will allow you to ...

Trying to find national express delivery with ...

While it may seem strange, toll free phone numbers like 1-866-831-8472 are not public record. This means that telemarketers can often call with immunity unless we fight back! I would file a complaint. You can do so here .

How do I hold delivery?

Call the delivery company and tell them that you cancel the delivery. Sidney Houston Courier Service