what is a used whirlpool duet washer and dryer set worth?

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Answered: My whirlpool front-loading automatic washer is ...

First switch it on and put some water in, now unplug it and tilt back slightly to see if you can locate leak with a flashlight. If you can, plug in and empty it, unplug again and lay it on it's back. The pump is usually obvious as it has at least one rubber water pipe leading to drain. The hose ...

Answered: Notched washers

The New Z www.Z108.net

Answered: Washer and dryer.

There are many different types of latest washer and dryer available in the market with advanced features. But As per my experience, It is preferable to select new washer and dryer as per your needs. So visit numerous website to get ideas about your purchasing of new washer and dryer. Just ...

Answered: How to best dispose of a used washer and dryer Whitehouse Station, NJ

If it was possible to repair, I would donate to local habitat for humanity resale store. If it was beyond repair I would bring to recycling center.
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WWW.freeofferwd.com i want get new washer and dryer

Hi, my name is Cory Gray. I'm in a really bad financial situation right now! I have no washer and dryer, and need them so bad! Please help me with this!!! My email address is: graycory81@hotmail.com My phone number is (530)845-0930.

Can samsung washer and dryer be stacked on top of each other

Yes, washer and dryers are designed to be stacked. Some places recommend buying a stacking shelf to go in between the 2 machines.

If the interior bulb on my whirlpool dryer is blown will the dryer still

Certainly. The fact that the bulb is out will not effect the function of the dryer.

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