what is a twisted carotid artery?

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Answered: Does anyone know the effects of a carotid blockage effects as to which

One of the common effect carotid blockage is the vision effect - if a blockage in the carotid artery affects the flow of blood to parts of the brain that control sight, loss or damage to vision may occur. The Mayo Clinic warns that vision side effects of a carotid artery blockage can occur ...

Answered: My mum has gum desease now the pains in her neck ...

ABSOLUTELY! At once! She may be having a lot more going on than just gum disease. Pray everything will be fine and she recovers soon. - C1

Answered: Oliver twist

According to some, the most famous bully of all is a fictional beast, Bullseye, who belongs to Fagin’s accomplice Bill Sikes in Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Cheers.

Answered: Arterial Plaque removal

Antioxidants, fish oil, eating lots of fiber are just some things you can do to try and reverse plaque. Also use healthy oils like olive, peanut or the coconut oil and avoid all bad fats. If nutritional deficiency continues, arteries get weaker and plaque builds up. Flossing everyday is a crucial ...

Answered: Can blocked carotid artery cause confusion?

If the Circle of Willis in functionally normal, then the answer is no, for unilateral disease. The most common way that hardening of the carotid arteries would cause confusion is via multiple infarcts, so-called multiple infarct dementia. This is the second most common cause of dementia, following ...
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Most brain aneurysm's are hereditary. Unfortunately there's no explanation for other aneurysm's. It's a weakening in an arterial wall. If it bursts, the result is often death. I wish you well. Sincerely, M.

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Hello exercise, You asked: Is their anything else I can do or take to make my arteries strong so this wont happen again? My answer is yes . There is an exercise that you can do that is very easy to do and not any more strenuous than getting out of bed in the morning. Although for some people who ...

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Ah, but I can back up my answers. And I don't hide behind 'anonymous.