what is a trade bloc in latin america referred to?

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Answered: Does America have Black Friday too?

Do we have black Friday? Hell, we invented it.

Answered: Nile lese translate from latin Nile lese

Nile could be the river Nile. One of the meanings of "lese" is high. So possibly this refers to the flooding of the Nile. Another meaning of "lese" is injured or violated, which does not seem to fit. Or did you mean "Nule lese"? That could translate to "Mile High".

Answered: How did all the Latin American Countries get their ...

You can get all information about Latin America Countries on http://www.mercatrade.com Just go under "Resources" tab and click "Country profiles"

Answered: Where can i buy magna bloc magnets

I have been using the magnets from Magnetic Attraction for a number of years now and have had great success with them. Many of my friends that I have referred to them have also been completely happy. Try Magneticattraction.com.au. They offer a 3 month money back Guarantee that if they don't work ...

Answered: What percentage of people in north america claim to be satisfied with

According to this article between 76-80 percent. Here is an older research comparing Europe and the Usa.
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