what is a thickened appendix?

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Answered: How can i thicken my fine hair?

Use aloe vera or herbal shampoo.

Answered: Are there any known side effects from hair ...

Are you talking about products that make hair grow or products that thicken the hair shaft? In the case of Rogaine , which is minyoxydil, it works. Hair thickeners are normally made from gelatine or similar and according to research some are better than others. You are protected by law. That´s it ...

Answered: How can I include a pdf-file in appendix in latex?

\appendix \label{app:appendix} \section{Appendix} \includepdfmerge[fitpaper=true]{your-pdf-file,-}

Answered: What is the function of the appendix?

The human appendix is not a useless, evolutionary remnant of a larger structure. The appendix has a function, and the newfound understanding of its purpose may help researchers someday find a way to prevent appendicitis. For more information that just came out in a new study, see this web site .

Answered: Which modifier in the appendix A is only for surgery

A document can have more than one appendix. If it is Appendix A then it is not a human appendix. I'm guessing that you are working with some document about medical codes, but you didn't say what the document is.

Answered: How to thicken oil based paint

Hi there,if your talking about house paint (oil) the only way to thicken the paint if it was thinned too much is get the paint as cold as possible or add the same paint from another can and try to get as much of the pigment from the bottom of the unthinned can into the thinned one mix well back an ...
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Either flour or cornstarch will do. Mix either one with a small amount of COLD water, enough to make a thick liquid, stir it into the stock and heat it until it thickens, usually it will need to simmer for a couple of minutes to thicken all the way. For gravy that's richer, melt about 1/4 cup of ...

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