what is a thc test?

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Answered: Can THC leach into your piss test over a period of ...

It's very unlikely though THC can get deposited in fats with your body and if encouraged to release the 'toxins' they hold, via weight loss, exercise, heat, these can be released at a much later date. This is fairly unusual though but can happen.

Answered: Can you keep your job after positive thc test

It matters the job, but most jobs would not allow you to work for them if they knew you were taking illegal substances.

Answered: Marijuana urine test problem

The THC from marijuana is stored in fat cells. If you are overweight you'll have lots more THC in your body than people with lower body weight. So the THC will slowly be leaching out of your fat cells for a long time to come. You'll test positive. However, you would need to be exposed to ...

Answered: How could I have tested positive for Marijuana when I never used it?

There are faulty tests. They keep using them knowing this. A friend of mine was on a job and the man ahead of him was not a marijuana smoker but his test showed positive for the third consecutive time (that day). He told them he would go get a blood test and they said "well, if you fail it, you'll ...

Answered: Is 2 puffs from a joint (only 2 puffs no previous use) enought to test

Highly doubtful, unless you went straight from puffing to the test. It might show up in a hair sample though, but I don't think those are used very often. http://www.marijuanamedicine.com

Answered: I. Q. Tests

The answer is YES.
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THC stands for delta-4-tetrahydrocanabinal, the active ingredient in marijuana. The body, interestingly enough, contains receptors that respond to this type of drug, and the drug preferentially chooses these receptors when inhaled or ingested. Because it acts by stimulating naturally occurring ...

? what makes thc show up if you dont smoke?

Did you eat any special brownies?