what is a tertiary diagnosis?

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Answered: Missed or Incorrect Diagnosis

HA! Yes I was misdiagnosed when I was 18. Found out what was the problem 20 years later.I have learned that the doc is doing community service for insurance fraud.I was on medicine that I shouldn't have been on ect.I suggest trying 3,4 or perhaps 5 doctors for a diagnoses.

Answered: What is the diagnosis code for gingivectomy 1-3 contig th/quad? Procedure

Questions and Answers http://docs.google.com/gview?a=v&q=cache:gxM7uKnUloQJ:www.ada.org/prof/resources/topics/cdt/faq_archive.pdf+Procedure+code+is+D4211.&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESj8AkIE3ZNRsIp7Q37GYPW0FovJaJXoFQ_lyvwrtLfXCRxeaR68SPqN ...

Answered: Incorrect or Missed Diagnosis

Yeah most the time.At this point i'm just venting.

Answered: Current clinical diagnosis of alcoholism

Hi, I'm in the same boat you are.....they are Federal Regulations BTW ... I'm interested in the outcome Question 6: If an interstate driver tests positive for alcohol or controlled substances under part 382 , must the driver be medically re-examined and obtain a new medical examiner’s certificate ...

Answered: Lung tumors with no diagnosis

I mean after three negative needle biopsies at three different institutions open biospy was recommended but patient declined. This is fairly large tumor of the lung over two years it seems to show regression. So what should one expect?

Answered: Emotional trauma settlement due to wrong diagnosis given

a doctor can be sued for any type of unnecessary damage he/she causes... this can also be emotional damage. you need to get a good lawyer to argue and prove the case, and this has to be worth it for you, as far as money and time are concerned.
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Usually the use of oil exploitation of petroleum energy called a recovery; To oil injection water, gas, and add energy to the exploitation of oil reservoir called secondary oil; And with chemical substances to improve oil, gas, water and rock mutual performance, mining out more oil, called tertiary ...

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FeeFee, It's time you seek a 2d opinion through a family doctor that will listen or a different ER. Have a friend or family member go with you to the ER next time to help spell out your symptoms while you lay down and try to get better.

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