what is a teenager and how old is a teenager?

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Answered: Teenagers

drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, child abuse, brawls and peer pressure

Answered: Old gospel song Jesus the Nazarene

I hope the gospel song give me the word.

Answered: Old camera collectibles - I have two boxes full - around 30 total, along

I have a box full of old typewriters; do you want to swap?

Answered: Jobs for 16 year olds

I think Fast food restaurant, car washes, actually you can work at any place that will hire them. Bus person in a restaurant, washing dishes in restaurant, cleaning, mail room person in large business, porters in hotels, caddy at golf course.

Answered: I have a teenage daughter that is having major ...

First of all have a sit down talk with her and ask her why she does not want to take it. Depending on the medication it may be having some effects that are making her sick or feel out of sorts. Depending on her emotional disorder, if you could find a support group and those who are on that ...

Answered: Can you help choose your teenagers friends? What ...

I'm 18, and I completely agree with everyone here except Junebug. Even if you know your kid's friends to be troublemakers, your child still sees them in school, and the more you try to restrict how much they visit them, the more your child will lie to your face to continue seeing them. Your kid will ...
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How to tell your teenager she can not hang out with a friend

Hello you are the parent!!! Go tell her that...make sure there is a valid reason though. You have the right over your kids. So many kids are on the wrong path, only if their parents had given them a slap when younger or kept them under control the world would be so much safer...

I am looking for an old email back in June, 2012 ...

Hi Pam, For assistance, please refer to the help article below: How long are emails stored in my Classic AOL Mail inbox?

How can i compare teenage pregnancy and the non-teenage pregnancy?

I'm not sure I get what you're asking? One is a pregnancy carried by someone younger than 20, and the other is not. What are you trying to compare?