what is a subendometrial cyst?

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Answered: Fertility and ovarian cyst

Ovarian cyst could be a cause for anovulation and infertility - check in: http://www.women-health-info.com/160-Ovarian-cyst.html http://www.women-health-info.com/341-INFERTILITY.html

Answered: Ovarian cysts

It can continue to grow depends everyone is different. But the best thing to do is ask your Dr. Because that can be a serious thing if untreated and it does grow.

Answered: Do you need to have surgery if you have an ovarian cyst? Are there any

In most cases ovarian cyst should be removed but sometimes it can diappear it self - see in: http://www.women-health-info.com/160-Ovarian-cyst.html

Answered: What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts?

If you have an Ovarian Cyst, Symptoms are: 1)Menstrual irregularities. 2) Pelvic pain- a constant or intermittent dull ache that may radiate to your lower back and thighs. Pelvic pain shortly before your period begins or just before it ends. Pelvic pain during intercourse 3) Nausea ...

Answered: Skin related cysts & liver (internal organ involvement)

I thought there was a lot of interaction and information on this board. No response after several days! I'll move on.

Answered: Are there any natural treatments for ovarian cysts?

Hello Suzy_Mc, In my work as a nutritionist over the past several years, I had the opportunity to work with many women who desired to treat a diagnosed ovarian cyst with natural remedies. The most consistently good results were obtained with women taking a combination of Proteolytic Enzymes and ...
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Can a Tarlov cyst cause dysfunctional vaginal bleeding?

I would like to know the answer too, because I have a little vaginal bleeding in the midle of the month. I have 2 tarlov cyst (0.8 and 1 cm). Do you know the answer? Someone knows the answer? Thank you.

What are the symptons of Ovarian Cysts?

The must common symptom with ovarian cysts is pain in the stomach and pelvis. The pain is caused when the cyst ruptures, rapid growth or bleeding into the cyst. The best thing to do is get an ultrasound because if your over age 40 you have a high chance of being cancerous. But you can ask you doctor ...

I have suffered with recurring ovarian cysts since ...

Talk to your gynecologist to see what the best treatment is available for your situation. Good luck!

I have a Cyst in my right breast 5 cm and one in ...

I would like to have a second opinion, your health is at risk. Sometimes doctors can make a mistake, and by having a second opinion you will have peace of mind. I also believe in natural healing, since my mom has Parkinson I was reserching for natural cures, and I found this book The One-Minute ...