What is a sleep enema?

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Answered: Position for Sleep

What do you mean position of sleep you are referring to?

Answered: Would you take an enema if you were constipated?

Only if three pounds of prunes followed by a jug of Epsom salts failed to dislodge the blockage.

Answered: How do I get rid of the watery feeling after an enema?

I suspect you are not putting any salts into your infusion. Try a table spoon of sea salt with 2 quart rinse or 2 table spoons of Epsom salt. Many also like a tablespoon of soda with one or the other as well.

Answered: I want to buy calming CD's, ADHD ,sleep

Relaxing music for sleep Jazz Portraits by Rick Flauding Bach's Partitias 1-6 by Murray Parehia Chopin's Nocturnes The Best of Paul Desmond Those are a few that I listen to regularly. The Desmond album has one vocal on it.

Answered: Is Guna Sleep aid a blood thinner? are there any sleep aids that are not

None of the benzos are blood thinners. Valerian is not a blood thinner. Melatonin is not a blood thinner. Ambien is not a blood thinner. War and Peace is not a blood thinner. Hard work is not a blood thinner.
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No sleep

Consult a sleep expert. May be you are a victim of Sleep Disorder .

Gastrograffin enema

Here is an article about the routine use of gastrograffin enema prior to the reversal of a loop ileostomy. I hope that answers your question.

Sleep apnea and albuterol

Albuterol is used to treat or prevent bronchospasm in people with reversible obstructive airway disease like sleep apnea. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea can lead to a stroke – rates of stroke are higher for individuals who have an untreated and severe case of sleep apnea.