what is a self employed ledger?

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Answered: I am self -employed.How can I change my status to become employed?

I'm assuming you are self-employed but desire to claim unemployment income. First you must begin paying the state fees for your employees (you & others) for some length of time. This answer most likely can only be anwered by your state.

Answered: I sent an application to Westhill Consulting & Employment

Stefanie Ebersbacher Answered: Just login to your account and edit. That’s the best thing about Westhill Consulting. They are very user friendly.

Answered: My husband is on a spouse visa for 2 years. Can he work self

What kind of self-employment do you mean? If you mean online jobs, I don't see any problem with it. Just let him search for an online job at GoPinoy.com and he can work at home with no problem at all.

Answered: Self Employed Actor

Being self-employed basically means you're freelancing your work.

Answered: Poor credit raing self employed, 1st morgage??

well, yes IF you have around 60% down or if the owner will carry the note. You'll probably get a high interest rate on stated income home loans in today's market.

Answered: I9 employer says birth certificate and driver's license must be same

You can't get a driver's license in a name that is not your legal name. You can change your name by marriage or divorce. You can have a legal name change through a court. But then you need to change your driver's license to the new name.
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Self-employed not considered unemployed?

It's doubtful that more accurate statistics can be taken if you do not report to the government that you are not currently working.

What is considered employer neglegence in Montana/

Is Montana still part of America? I thot Hanna had gotten herself pregnant and ran off the Columbia.

Employment for Faith Ann Barnese

It all depends on how you impress them in a way you answer each job interview question . Also, in a way on how you handle the job interview. They are looking for a XXX Factor. If in the first interview they already find it, then right away you will be hired. Just impress them. Good Luck!

How to set your schedule as an online worker

Seriously, what I do is, I get up at 8 in the morning. I make a pot of coffee, then I sit down at the computer and go to work. When the coffee runs out, I'm done working. That usually works out to 1 or 2 oclock. Which, being disabled, is pretty good for me. Then I go to bed and do my email and ...