what is a sagging liver?

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Answered: Elevated liver

Elevated liver enzymes may indicate inflammation or damage to cells in the liver. When the liver is damaged or inflamed, cells will emit a higher amount of certain chemicals, including liver enzymes, into the blood stream. The most common causes of an elevated liver enzyme count are cholesterol and ...

Answered: What is the role of the liver in the body?


Answered: I have an elevated liver what does that mean ? Is ...

Causes of paralysis- Cancer in the lung or in the lymph nodes may grow into or compress the nerve which leads to nerve compression. Surgical trauma, such as unintentional injury after a cardiothoracic or cervical procedure. In newborns and infants, birth trauma can injure the phrenic nerve. ALS ...

Answered: Liver sausage. In Wisconsin they sell liver sausage. Not blood sausage

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Answered: SAG Award red carpet style

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Answered: Metastatic liver diesease

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Whats is inhomogenous liver

In layman's terms, it means a liver with a lack of uniform quality or consistency of nodules, that can be recognized by ultrasound techniques. (Echogenic inhomogeneous) The nodules are classified by grade and stage. However, if there is no mention of carcinoma, I suggest you take that report ...

Metastatic Liver Cancer - there is hope!

Similar to what I was thinking, my friend is not overweight, does not drink, no Hep C, but Met. ca of liver dx 3 days ago. I pray this is not as grim as all I see on web. He is too alive to die.

How do i support fiberglass front fenders that are sagging

In addtion to the fiberglass reinforcment bar (the actual "bumper") there should be some styrofoam blocks that support the plastic bumper cover. always park in the shade or covered parking lots -

What does it mean when doctor says your liver is elevated ??

I think the doctor meant that your liver enzyme levels AST and ALT are elevated. That could indicate cirrhosis, liver damage from alcohol or hepatitis. Or it could mean liver cancer. Or it could be from certain drugs. If ALT is higher it could be heart failure or kidney failure.