What is a retrograde fever?

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Answered: My grandaughter (14mths) has ran a fever for over 24hrs, she has no other

you should definitely take her to the doctor, because a fever can be a sign of many different things. she might need an antibiotic or just to get a checkup to find out what the problem is.

Answered: Can rocky mountain spotted fever be chronic

YES-very serious chronic problems. diagnosed after the 13 drs whom i TOLD i live in country w/ a bunch of animals, go outside 2x a day to work in a heavily wooded araea, had OBvious signs of Rash that looked like a leapord, and fever of 106.3 : 1st symptom calf cramp sever ,then fever ,then rash and ...

Answered: Fever Medicine

prescribed by doctor, because there are many type of fever running. http://www.best-home-remedies.com/

Answered: How widespread is dengue fever in the United States?

I was not sure that it had spread as it did, though still in the South.. Sweet G ............................................................. DENGUE FEVER ........ DENGUE FEVER ..... Dengue [DEN-ghee] is a flu-like viral disease spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. Dengue ...

Answered: Rheumatic fever

in what part of the world did rheumatic fever was first diagnosed?

Answered: Hay fever remedy

Hay fever is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen. So, you would look in the allergy section of your pharmacy.
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If there is no sign of infection and your child ...

If he has a fever, then SOMETHING is wrong. Try aspirin. But as Linda said, if it lasts more than a day or, he needs to see a doctor.

My 9 month old child get a fever after her ...

Hi, You posted your question 3 months ago. The answer to your question is you take your child to the doctor when the child has 101 Fahrenheit. Is your child OK?

Husband's fevers and nausea keep coming back even while on

Kimberly, It could be allergies. I used to have real bad allergies to pollen, grass, trees, mold, all kinds of things. I would get fevers during the night, and when the fever would break, I would be soaking wet. The fever would come and go all night long. The allergy doctor stuck me with 17 ...