what is a rash of bacon?

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Answered: Where to buy Smithville bacon

http://www.smithfieldhams.com/category/bacon Hope that helps!

Answered: Rash on chest

You could use antibacterial soap for bath and hand wash. It keeps your skin free from bacterial infection and removes itches, redness and rashes from skin. More information about preventing skin infection You could follow the URL.. http://www.defensesoap.com/preventing-skin-infections.html

Answered: Why does my 10 year old son have a rash under his Penis?

Not sure, but if it hurts him or does not go away in few days, you might want to have doctor look at him to see what it is.

Answered: Skin in skin irritation

Suffering from Eczema, skin rashes, Psoriasis & Dermatitis??? Use Dermaspray at tbuy.in .. Derma Spray , a spray that can treat various skin issues like acne , skin rashes , psoriasis etc ..For more details visit goo.gl/p4yFtU

Answered: My daughter has a bad diaper rash (I think she had ...

it is okay to take an ointment...balmex for babies...and try changing the diaper and not leaving the diaper on to long and let her breathe down their. Reminder she's a girl and its good for them to get air their at times...like once a day. Oh any aveeno cream for babies..they have bodies wash and ...

Answered: Rash in 3 bumps

Sounds more to me like you were bitten by some kind of insect.
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Best methods in which to relieve baby from the irritation of nappy

I used Calendula Lotion Vivasan from Essential Oil Collection store. It helped a lot. Also let your baby play without a diper at least for 15 minutes 3-4 times a day.

What's the difference between spams and bacon?

SPAM is made much like hot dogs, they throw a bunch of leftover meat products in a grinder and out comes SPAM. I personally prefer it fried, it's salty, with rice, or in a spam musubi, where it's fried then wrapped in steamed white rice and nori (seaweed); you can also marinate it in shoyu/sugar, or ...

How to transport cooked bacon to school party

put it in a square or oblong tupper (or equivalent) layered in paper towels. Then don't do your Mario Andretti impersonation on the way to the school (G)